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Positively Embodied Online

Positively Embodied is for you if you want to experience the benefits of a hands-on, creative approach to body image healing work. It’s for all skill levels and creative abilities – non-creatives welcome!

Workshop Details

Positively Embodied is a therapeutic clay sculpture workshop for body image and embodiment. Through the language of art and creativity, the workshop actively challenges the way advertising and media have taught you to see your body, so you can move away from objectifying yourself, to living as a full, dynamic, whole, embodied human.
As an art therapist, I create unique and powerful healing tools using basic art materials to support people healing through body image issues and body disconnection - and you don't need to be good at art to benefit. You will learn and practice gentle ways of using clay sculpture as a self-healing tool for improved body image, embodiment and ultimately self-acceptance. At the end, you will have a sculpture as an embodied symbol of your time in the workshop and some new insights to reflect on.
What you get from Positively Embodied:
  • A nurturing space to explore your body image and emotions without needing to use words alone.

  • A unique 'felt' experience of accessing the wisdom in your body through working with clay - not just a wordy 'how to'

  • A less threatening, integrative experience that utilises the whole brain, rather than just your cognitive mind, to work on challenging body beliefs and improve embodiment

  • Guidance and real-time practice for how to use the creative process to see your body from a compassionate, less critical lens

  • A clay sculpture created by you that captures and embodies the process you learned through in the workshop

  • A therapeutic, creative method you can use time and time again to continue your body image healing even after the workshop ends

Workshop Overview

  • ​2.5 hours total workshop time with a registered art therapist.

  • 30 minute presentation that unpacks: art as therapy, creative fears, the link between body image work and art making with clay, using art to practice challenging the status quo and how art making helps you reclaim power from mass media to rewrite your body image narrative.

  • 1.5 hours of gentle, semi-guided art making with clay and individual attention to personally support your process.

  • Group discussion to process and bridge the art making experience in a way that helps facilitate self-awareness and insight about your body image healing (optional to participate verbally).

Register online to save your spot!

What you need for the workshop:

DOWNLOAD detailed materials guide

  • Ceramic clay (recommended) or airdry clay Approx 1kg – 3kgs (2lb – 6lb)

  • A basic paint brush with a ½ to 1 inch head

  • Paper towel

  • A bowl for water

  • A protective working surface: plastic placemat, cardboard


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or use the chat box below and ask away. No question is too silly!

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When and where?


Online via Zoom  - link contained in ticket download via email.


Please read: Workshops will not be recorded and you may attend even if you are outside of these timezones if the time conversion is okay for you.


August workshops:


Sunday, August 8th,

9am - 11.30am, AEST


Sunday, August 22nd,

6pm - 8.30pm AEST



Saturday, 7th August,

7pm - 9.30pm Eastern time 



Sunday, 22nd August

9am - 11.30am BST


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