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Creatively Embodied

Creatively Embodied provides a warm, nurturing online group environment for anyone who experiences a high level of body criticism and finds it difficult to access self-compassion or soothe emotions. If you’re ready to learn and work on what keeps you stuck in this dynamic this group is for you. No art skills or 'talent' needed!

When and where?


All sessions take place via Zoom.

Please note down the date and time carefully below as the registration screen and booking confirmation email may unfortunately in some cases differ from the below details - I do not control how the booking system accesses your location to give the correct time zone conversion, consider the below details as correct and final.



Australia - Online (AEST) 

Wednesdays: 6.30pm - 8pm AEST

Start: 30th June  2021 for 7 consecutive weeks


USA/Canada EASTERN - Online (EDT) 

Tuesdays: 7pm - 8.30pm Eastern Time

Start: 29th June 2021 for 7 consecutive weeks




USA/Canada PACIFIC - Online (PDT) 

Sundays: 4pm - 5.30pm Pacific Time

Start: 11th July 2021 for 7 consecutive weeks


UK /Europe: Please join the Australian group as currently that is the best timezone crossover.


Creatively Embodied is a body image group using therapeutic art making to help build skills and insight to nurture a more peaceful relationship with yourself and your body. Over the span of seven sessions you will discover and learn in-depth  ways of using the concept of a 'body narrative' to explore the themes, characters and dynamics of your story to re-experience your body in a less critical and more compassionate way. I will guide you through this process and support you to feel empowered to reclaim your body narrative from society and embody your right to re-define your story. 
As an art therapist, I create unique and powerful healing tools using basic art materials to support people healing through body image issues and body disconnection - and you don't need to be good at art to benefit. During Creatively Embodied you can expect each session to combine psychoeducation, healing discussion and therapeutic art making as an experiential approach to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your body.
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What you get from Creatively Embodied:
  • Seven, 90-minute sessions with a registered art therapist and body image specialist.

  • A small group environment with a maximum of 6-8 participants - lots of genuine connection with likeminded people.

  • A therapeutic, creative method captured in takehome resources and worksheets you can use time and time again to continue your body image healing even after the groups ends.

  • A nurturing, reparative space to express and honour what it's been like in your body without needing to use words alone.​​

  • Guidance and real-time practice for how to use the creative process to see your body from a compassionate, less critical lens​​.

Why art making?

Art has an important role in this group – it’s not there to make you feel bad about your skills or lack of 'talent'. In fact, talent or skills has nothing to do with the way we use art in this group. Art making helps you access and express your inner world and develop interoceptive awareness. This inner awareness helps you build your body literacy and supports you get to know the unique language of your body. This is important as interoceptive awareness plays a role in emotional regulation, positive body image and embodiment. As art making is woven throughout, it means you are using your whole brain, rather than just the top 'cognitive' part. This helps integrate what you learn and discover in our group in a way that’s uniquely meaningful to you, instead of just understanding it on an intellectual level.



Values you can expect from Creatively Embodied

As a facilitator, I am committed to ensuring group spaces are fat positive, anti-diet and trauma-informed. The education in this group will be grounded within social justice and intersectional feminist understandings of the body. You are not required to have an indepth understanding of these perspectives, but agree to have an open, curious mind.

Session topic overview

Each session will follow a similar structure of welcome/check-in, psychoeducation, verbal sharing, art experiential, verbal processing and closing ritual. Verbal sharing/processing is also optional, you do not need to share if you don't feel comfortable and will still benefit.

  • Session One: Body image basics and foundations

  • Session Two: Your body narrative - themes

  • Session Three: Unpacking your body narrative - the three main characters BN, BC and HC

  • Session Four: The BC and HC - relational dynamics, body scapegoating, internalisation

  • Session Five: The BN and HC - relational dynamics, attachment and emotional regulation

  • Session Six: Revisiting the body narrative - reframing and reexperiencing

  • Session Seven: Integration, reflection and closure

Materials you need:

  • Colour pencils and markers

  • Oil pastels (12 colours is often enough)

  • Watercolour and 3 brushes of various sizes

  • Air dry clay or ceramic clay 1kg or 2lb

  • A visual journal at least A4 or 8x11in

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Any other art material you enjoy or want to try

Fees and payment options

Online via Zoom: $410 AUD (Approx $315 USD)

To secure your place: Booking requires a $90 AUD non-refundable deposit with the balance or first instalment due at least 7 days before the start date - an invoice will also be sent to you with the balance to finalise when you're ready by the due date. Upon booking, you will receive an intake form and welcome letter within 48 hours. Please ensure you can commit to the session schedule when booking as I cannot offer refunds after the balance is finalised. Extenuating circumstances considered. 


Payment plans: $90 deposit upon booking, two instalments of  $175 - 1st payment due 7 days before start date, 2nd payment due before Session 4. 



Please ensure you can commit to the session schedule as outlined on this page as I cannot offer refunds after the balance has been paid or instalment schedule has commenced. Extenuating circumstances considered. Withdrawing from the group with short notice or during the group means your space will not be filled.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or use the chat box below and ask away. No question is too silly!