There are many ways to heal, from talk-based counselling or coaching to art psychotherapy - below are in-person services available to those able to attend Ashlee's private practice at The Swell Centre, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. Please contact us to discuss which may be most suitable for you.

COVID-19 UPDATE: All in-person sessions are taking place Zoom until further notice.

  • Art Psychotherapy

    Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy utilising art making and the creative process (paint, clay, collage, drawing, sculpture) within a therapeutic relationship. The strength of art therapy lies in being able to explore the complexity of life – a picture paints a thousand words. Visual expression can open up a space to explore experiences which are sometimes abstract and complex, in a way that may be limited with the use of words. However, art therapy does not omit the verbal, instead it understands that expression occurs on multiple levels. Creating images and metaphor in a manner unconscious to even the maker, allows emotional intelligence to be uncovered and altered in a safe, contained and therapeutic environment.


    Individuals from all age ranges, abilities and cultural backgrounds can benefit from the universal language of art expression – without needing art experience, or even needing to be ‘creative’. 


    Please note: art therapy is not claimable under Medicare, however, may be eligible for rebates with some private health insurance, or the NDIS.



    Cost: $130, 50 to 60 minutes


    Appointments must be cancelled or moved before 48 hours of the session time to avoid being charged.



  • Counselling and Coaching

    Counselling and coaching differ slightly in that counselling is focused on working through mental, emotional and interpersonal challenges which focus on root causes, whereas coaching is more focused on support through learning and developing new skills, and action towards new behaviours to fulfil personal aims.


    If you are unsure which may be more suitable for you, contact us to discuss.



    Cost: $130  - 50 minutes


    Appointments must be cancelled or moved before 48 hours of the session time to avoid being charged.



  • Group art therapy

    Beyond My Body is a group art therapy program for adults looking to reclaim who they are beyond their body by beginning to soften the tension around body image distress, self-criticism, perfectionism and internalised social constructs (sexism and fat phobia). Built upon a foundation of weight inclusive, Health At Every Size® principles, the program draws upon theory from expressive arts therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, existential approaches and the feminist empowerment relational model.

    This group will start on the 5th of December 2019. 

    Please download the information sheet and  'What is art therapy?' to learn more and register. If you are a clinician please also download the clinician's note.

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