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Looking for body image and weight inclusive therapy or group programs?

The Body Image Therapist is making an exciting shift! Ashlee Bennett is now practicing at The Curiosity Space a partnership therapy practice with psychotherapist Adam Park, MCouns. Here you can make waitlist enquiries for individual therapy or coaching, and register for group programs.

What's next, here?

Ashlee is now focusing on developing education, training and individual consultation, mentoring and business coaching particularly for anyone who works within the area of body image, eating disorders, Health At Every Size® and weight inclusive spaces. Sign up to our mailing list for updates and find out more below before booking an appointment.

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Business Coaching and Mentoring

Ashlee can support you to make the transition to private practice or continue to build your business in a way that aligns with your values and deeper sense of purpose.

Body Image + Weight Inclusive Practice Consultancy

Ashlee offers specialised consultation to a wide range of practitioners working within healthcare, allied health, human services and the fitness industry to develop and refine weight inclusive practice.

Training Programs + Workshops

Workshops and training programs will be offered throughout the year facilitated by Ashlee and special guests. Ensure you are on our mailing list to be notified about upcoming events.


Use the wisdom of your heart & body to grow your practice and creative vision

with Ashlee Bennett.

You may be here because you want to develop a practice that's meaningful, ethical and helps create positive change in your community and field. Some of the appeal of private practice can be about seeking greater flexibility, autonomy and alignment with your ideas and vision, yet the world of business, marketing and finances can feel intimidating (and bring up self worth issues you didn't even know you had). You may even wonder if your business is contributing to the social issues you're trying to change. You're definitely not alone. It's both exciting and scary to do your own thing, back yourself and be responsible.

Ashlee has been serving her clients in private practice as a registered art psychotherapist, counsellor and coach for over 5 years. Throughout that time she has developed a thriving practice, a waitlist, a large social media following (@bodyimage_therapist), accepted an international book deal (The Art of Body Acceptance), toured workshops both nationally and internationally, developed successful online programs and has appeared on numerous podcasts. And while it may seem like behind the scenes there was a team of marketing experts, social media strategists, designers, agents and business advisors -- she was running largely solo, fuelled by a sense of purpose, meaning, lots of resourcefulness, creativity and heart. 

Ashlee's shift from therapist into consultant, mentor and coach is based on an accumulation of years of experience as a creative, therapist and entrepreneur (including lessons from lots of failed business attempts in her younger years). In terms of formal qualifications she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Melbourne, a Master of Art Therapy and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Research) from Latrobe University. Her approach is strengths based, focuses on increasing embodiment to access wisdom, intuition and authenticity to fuel your business and vision. Working with Ashlee may also bring up some deeper existential and even spiritual reflections with the intention to get yourself into alignment with your purpose and passion, however it's also scientific where it needs to be.

Some of the ways Ashlee can support you:

  • Transitioning to and sustainably building your private practice as a therapist or allied health practitioner 

  • Authentically building your social media presence and marketing approach

  • Developing confidence in your writing, creativity and authentic voice

  • Discovering purpose, meaning and vision in your work

  • Working through fears of being seen, heard and taking up space

  • Navigating imposter syndrome and handling pushback/criticism

  • Building up your knowledge base particularly in the areas of body image, eating disorders, trauma, weight stigma/fat phobia (including internalised fat phobia), arts therapies, Health At Every Size® approach, weight inclusive practice, salutogenesis and the intersection of sociopolitical issues and mental health/illness.

If this sounds like something you will benefit from, it's easy to book your appointment below or contact us with any questions and Ashlee will be in touch with you shortly.

Fees: 60 minute session - via Zoom $250 AUD



The Art of Body Acceptance


"Make bad art. Make messy art. Make art that heals you, grounds you and inspires you to have more compassion for your body and yourself."

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