Developing a healing relationship with your body involves mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual elements of life.

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We all have a body. The one certainty we have in any moment is that our physical bodies exist. The body is the place from which we experience sensations, feelings, our senses, our mind, interactions with other bodies and our environment. It is through this complex mixture of factors that create, inform and develop our perception of ‘body’ – our body image.


Our bodies are present in all that we do – as a result, we tend to identify with our bodies as ‘me’ or 'I'. Additionally, we tend to identify with the mental activity we have in response to our body’s experience – the ‘narrative of me’ that we each hold on to. It's recognising that whilst we have a body, we are more than a body, and more than a collection of experiences. A part of healing our relationship with our bodies is addressing the mental, emotional and social component, as well as welcoming and practising embodiment. Your narrative is important, and it’s from this place that we work together, explore and expand.


My aim as a registered art psychotherapist (ANZACATA ), counsellor and coach is to be with you as you navigate the process of healing your experience in your body as both a guide and a witness. I use a mixture of cognitive behavioural approaches, and focusing-oriented approaches which promotes both the 'mental' the 'felt sense'. However, as a humanistic therapist, I tailor our work together using approaches that are appropriate for you.


I practice from a Health At Every Size  , weight inclusive paradigm which means you will not be discriminated against on the basis of your body size or current health behaviours. I recognise the role of weight stigma and fat phobia as a barrier to receiving respectful, appropriate and bias-free healthcare.




“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going inside ourselves."

- Bessel van der Kolk


Online counselling is available to Australian clients, and current in-person clients who would prefer online for flexibility and convenience. This is generalised counselling and does not need to be related to body image. Initial 15 minute consult is free. Please note: there is a current 6-8 week waitlist before sessions resume after this initial meeting.


Online coaching is available worldwide as support for those who would like to focus on the specifics - eating disorder recovery, body image, internalised weight stigma/fat phobia, chronic dieting. Initial 15 minute consult is free.


Throughout the year, workshops and events take place around Australia and internationally. These relate to body image, embodiment, mental health and wellbeing - many of which use expressive arts therapy and education. Please note: all workshops in for 2020 have been relocated to Zoom due to COVID-19. 

Ashlee practices as a consulting clinician at Body Positive Australia at the Swell Centre in Hawthorn, VIC. She sees clients of all ages for art psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. Please note: all sessions have been moved to telehealth until further notice due to COVID-19.


The Swell Centre

2 Minona Street

Hawthorn, VIC


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