Give the gift of warm, empathic guidance towards body acceptance without a focus on needing to change the body with a 90-minute virtual coaching session. 


Ashlee offers warm, empathic, solutions-focused coaching approaches for working with folks on their body image and embodiment - which may include addressing self-worth, internalised fat phobia and bias or other issues which impact body image. A 90-minute session is appropriate for folks looking for stand-alone sessions for a specific purpose, for example, managing body image related events like the holidays, weddings, summer etc, which can be used as support and guidance for that event, whilst being a springboard for deeper body image work in the future. It may also be the starting point for making the shift from viewing the body as something to be changed and 'fixed' to finding body neutrality and acceptance.


Ashlee works curiously and compassionately as a coach and seeks to meet everyone she works with where they're at. Recipients of this gift certificate will be asked to fill in an in-depth questionnaire related to their body image and embodiment, as well as aims specifically for the session, which maximises face to face time during the session. This form will be emailed when the recipient makes a booking time. 


Gift certificates are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase, so please write the purchase date on the gift certificate before giving it to the recipient as a record will be kept of purchasers.


Please note coaching sessions are not the same or a replacement for psychological therapy, even though Ashlee is a registered art psychotherapist and counsellor in Australia. These sessions are not to be used in a time of crisis.

Gift Certificate: 90 Minutes Body Image and Embodiment Coaching


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