Positively Embodied Online

A virtual therapeutic clay sculpture workshop for body image and embodiment.

No art experience needed.

When and where?

Where: Online via Zoom over 4 time zones - link sent with booking confirmation. Note: You can attend any 'location' if the timezone works for you even if your country isn't listed.



Time zone: Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Sunday, 1st November, 1pm - 3.30pm


Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

Thursday, 5th November, 6pm - 8.30pm

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time

Friday, 6th November, 6pm - 8.30pm


Time zone: Greenwich Mean Time

Saturday, 14th November, 9am - 11.30am

Workshop Details

Positively Embodied is being held online this year as a virtual event. This workshop was attended by hundreds in 2019 and I'm pleased to bring it back in 2020 in this format until we can be in person again!

Positively Embodied is a therapeutic clay sculpture workshop for body image and embodiment. As an art therapist, I create methods of utilising art materials to support people healing through their body image issues and disconnection from their bodies. This workshop, whilst it isn't therapy, is inherently therapeutic and you will learn ways of embracing the creative process through sculpture as a self-healing tool that extends beyond the workshop itself. 

If you're thinking you don't have a creative bone in your body - that's okay, most people who attend do not identify as creative or skilled in art and have been pleasantly surprised by what they come away with. Creating a pretty, perfect, refined sculpture is not the point of this workshop, the point of it is to express and gather insight about your relationship with your body through the art process.

Workshop Overview

This workshop runs for 2.5 hours and will start with a presentation on therapeutic sculpture making and art-making in general for body image, embodiment and mental health. Followed by guided and free form sculpture making where you can create a bodily form that feels right for you in the moment. It could be the celebrate your form or practising being with a challenging part of your body. To wrap up we will go into a nurturing discussion to share and connect around the themes which emerged during the art-making. Don't worry if you don't like to share, you are not required to participate if you're not comfortable and you're free to just listen - also very powerful.

How will this work online?

A zoom link will be sent with every booking, so at the time of the workshop log in around 5-10 minutes beforehand and get settled in with your materials set up. You will be sent an image of how you can set up before the workshop.

As you will need to gather your own materials, I have provided a really detailed materials list and guide for where you can purchase all that you need. Download it here.

Clay is a relatively cheap material and most bags of clay retail for around $10-$20 for 25lb (12kgs) which is HEAPS. I have set up a Facebook page just for Positively Embodied to connect with people attending near you where you can divide materials between yourselves so it's cheaper...and it's a fun way to meet new people who are like-minded.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and ask away. No question is too silly!

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