Many of us live all over the world and need a space to meet and learn together in the comfort of our own home. Below are current and upcoming online workshops, ranging from free to paid.

September 1st 2019, 9am, Australian Eastern Standard Time

If you have a desire to create for fun and play, but find yourself unable to get started by yourself, or just want someone else to do it with - join my free social art as therapy group!

The online open studio is a 60 minute, free group video session using art as therapy. Get your art supplies ready, or whatever you're wanting to do creatively - including crafts. The intention is to meet together as a group with the intention of creative expression - however that may look for you. You can join no matter what level of creativity or skill you're at!

The Body Image School

Ongoing enrolments

coming soon

Announcement happening August 25th 2019

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