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Consulting services are suitable for a wide array of practioners who are looking for individual professional development and business support who are currently working in, or want to transition to a weight inclusive, Health At Every Size framework.


The structures and practices you use have a flow on effect to your clients or patients, particularly those who are in marginalised bodies on the basis of size or other stigmatised identities.

Working with a consultant doesn't aim to change the specialised knowledged you bring in your area of practice, it aims to assist you to apply it to diverse populations. You bring your knowledge and experience, and I work with you to create a framework based on evidence, compassion and inclusivity. 


Consulting Services

for practioners and organisations

Ashlee Bennett is a specialised consultant in the areas of weight stigma, size diversity, body image and Health At Every Size principles. She has a diverse range of experience from lived experience, private practice operation, clinical, educational, community workshops, as well as ongoing postgraduate research in applied science, public health and internalised weight stigma. 


Ashlee's skills are informed and applied with a sociocultural, intersectional perspective from the point of view of individuals seeking a service, helping professionals and stakeholders.  


Consultation services can assist individuals and organisations with:

  • Size diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Weight stigma and weight bias education, training and stigma reduction strategies

  • Assessments of business practices, policies, workplace culture and marketing strategies for weight stigma/bias risk

  • Clear, focused solutions for creating a weight inclusive environment  - physically and digitally 

  • Applying Health At Every Size principles and weight inclusive practices throughout all levels of business operation

  • Making a transition from a weight-centric to weight inclusive practices

  • Understanding how a weight-centric practice impacts profits and decreases consumer/client engagement, trust and rapport

  • Applying and expanding upon therapeutic approaches for body image through an intersectional feminist lens

  • Applying sociocultural determinants of health and salutogenic approaches to healthcare services

  • Navigating ethical and inclusive marketing practices including websites and social media

What consultation services do you offer?


Suitable for healthcare professionals or individuals working in small business who have specific goals for developing their practice to be size inclusive. ​

Organisation or group

Suitable for medium to large businesses or organisations with several employees or more looking to implement or refine their weight inclusive practice and workplace.

How we work together

  • Initial consultation to determine target areas for change with curiosity and non-judgement 

  • Assessments of key areas of practice with realistic, actionable guidance

  • Development of resources and trainings with continued consultation

  • Delivery of customised training packages to address key objectives and aims. Training can be delivered in person, or via webinars on Zoom.

  • Coaching and guidance throughout implementation phases

  • On-going support as required


Individual consults begin at $235 AUD for 60-minute sessions. Additionally, individualised consulting packages that specifically target your needs are available for a project fee which suits your budget for more complex needs. 

Groups or organisations will benefit from customised consulting packages that reflect the complexity and needs of your business or group. Please enquire using this form for more information.

Free 15 minute initial consult

Both individuals and groups have access to a free 15-minute consult in which you can brief me on the overall nature of your needs and we can determine the suitability of working together.


Contact Me

2 Minona Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122

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